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Tactical Assault Unit - Barracks


Tactical Assault Unit has been formed by Founders Kromy and JavkBurton. Our community is brand new to the PC gaming universe and might we say, our community has a lot planned and a lot of goals to achieve, much like acquiring the fellow gamers reading our bio right now to join us and join us on the battlefield.

The birth of Tactical Assault Unit was between a small band of good online friends that wanted to step up the gaming experience while providing a safe, comfortable, drama-free and enjoyable atmosphere while gaming on our servers or in the same "lobby" as us. 

Keep checking back to see our upcoming projects, expect to see a lot of recruitment over the next little while... We are always welcoming players with a respectful, friendly attitude towards all players. Our community welcomes both casual and competitive players, offering chances to tryout for our teams.
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